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The company Peter Kröner GmbH

was co-founded in 1981 by Peter Kröner. The company is managed by him and his wife Ute. During his long professional experience Peter Kröner has acquainted himself deeply with the manufacturing of polystyrene and other rigid foam plastic materials. He started his own enterprise with the objective to supply EPS and EPP manufacturers fast and reliably with all the production materials they needed. Until then they had to buy them from a large number of different suppliers. He offered them all out of one hand, from core vents via the washer up to the filler, providing fast delivery just in time. The fact that the business idea has proven to be right is shown by the high amount of customers being loyal to the company since years, across borders and continents.

The company’s registered office is at Stahlhofen, at the important north-south axe of the highway A3, halfway between Köln and Frankfurt am Main. The administration of the company moved to Winden, the residence of the Kröner family, in the so-called Buchfinkenland in the nature park Nassau. Thanks to modern communication technologies, the company is as close to their customers as from any big city; the advantage of this location is the wide view from the heights of the Westerwald to the valley of the Lahn and the neighboring mountains Taunus and Hunsrück. And over 20 years of successful company history show that this far sighted view has been bearing fruits.