Поиск изделия.
Silicon sealings

We deliver silicon sealing with 60 degree fo hardness (Shore), green color or transparent, hollow or massive, several diameters, packaging units from 25 to 1,000 m. See product page

Steam hoses

Peter Kroener delivers steam hoses - high and low pressure made from EPDM rubber, deployable for up to 18 bar and 210 degree Celsius (high pressure) and 6 bar and 164 degree celsius (low pressure). Also available: multipurpose hoses made of EP rubber compound, deployble for up to 15 bar and 100 degree Celsius). Further description see product group


We deliver silos for storaging raw material. Polyethene stuff with stainless wire for grounding weaved in. Deliverable in rolls with width of 2.3 meters and length of 100 meters. Cuttings are possible from 22.5 squaremeters. As well available are tubular frames, t-pieces, t-connectors, elbows. See product group

Core vents blank

In our range of products you will find core vents blank made of brass or aluminium. With diameters from 2 to 30 mm, ground height between 1 and 8 mm. See product group

Pneumatic Supplies

Our range of products comprises tools for using compressed air during the production process: quick and plug-in connectors,  screw connections and air hoses: see product page